Apostles of Vibrating Cheese

by Tim Mungenast & Astro Al



A collaboration between humans and insect kind. We hope the insect overlords are pleased.

A review from the Noise: TIM MUNGENAST & ASTRO AL

Apostles of Vibrating Cheese

8 tracks

“Albanian Night Songs” sounds to me a bit like the Butterfield Blues Band tuning up in preparation for the “East/West” sessions, replete with a vibrating insect choir in the background. It gets weirder from there. “As the Grass Makes Love to Them” is a spoken word piece with mysterioso guitar; “My Guitar Dreams of Electric Yeti Meditation” is an ambient piece far more out there than Eno or Pink Floyd ever managed to get. “Harmonic Sponge Festival” is just downright wacky studio tomfoolery with the lovely DNA Girl on glockenspiel and Count Robot on synth. “Doubt Is Part of the Package” is another ambient piece which sounds vaguely like Yes getting down with it, accompanied by a spoken word piece. “What Doktor Plasmodium Found at the End of the Rainbow” is jazz and ambient merged into a dreamlike and gauzy soundscape replete with a narrative about a leprechaun. The album ends with the somewhat nightmarish swirling ambience of “Jun-Gal Subdues a Wild Goat.” As a whole, this reminds me of that bent psychedelic classic “Indian War Whoop,” by the Holy Modal Rounders. (Though not as focussed.) (Francis DiMenno) thenoise-boston.com/2017/05/cd-revs-may/#TIM_MUNGENAST_ASTRO_AL


released April 1, 2017

Tim Mungenast:

voices, guitars, fx pedals, percussion, loops, samples, guzheng, chain

Astro Al:

DNA Girl: vocals, voices, mandolin, bongos, rainstick, glockenspiel, percussion, bells, chimes, african spring drum

Count Robot: voices, samples, loops, sampler, electric kazoo, therasynth, synth, virtual synth



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Astro Al Massachusetts

Astro Al the only band from the ancient future past of Mars. We welcome you earthlings to enjoy our collection of psychedelic sounds. Freak out. If you dig the idea of old school Pink Floyd directed by Ed Wood then come along and groove with us.

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